Summer slowly ends. Every day Im trying to be happy with every little thing ♥
You're lucky If you can see, hear, taste, smell, move,
You're lucky if you're healthy, have parents and family, dreams and a house.
Just appreciate every day of your life.
No matter if you're dancing under stars or laying in bed with food and your laptop. Just be thankful for what you have.
This is how my summer looked like :

moon, alternative, and dark image stars, sky, and night image
I love nights, watching shooting stars and the moon. Its just so magical and gorgeous
china, idk, and long exposure image
I love dancing in my room at night
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I love listening to Spotify !
balls, great, and la image
I love playing tennis
amazing, match, and Poland image
I love volleyball matches ! ♥
light, bed, and bedroom image
I love cuddling in bed all day
city, light, and purple image
I love visiting new places
food, McDonalds, and fries image
I love food