art, drawing, and black and white image
— "I'm dying and trying, but believe me, I'm fine."
art, girl, and drawing image
— "She's a person, not a thing, and you need to think of her as a human and not just something to please you."
girl, outline, and black image
— "She triest to smile, to feel happy, but she just feels so .... empty."
pop art, comic, and sad image
— "I fucked myself up getting attached to you."
cry, pop art, and art image
— "Go to sleep, he's not thinking about you."
girl, hair, and tattoo image
— "If I get jealous, then yes, I really like you."
art, draw, and girl image
— "You did the wrong thing to the right girl."
art, inspiration, and sad image
— "Did I love too much or not enough?"
art, pink, and draw image
— "First you care. Then you get hurt."
girl, art, and pink image
— "Memories hurts."