My Nonsensical Theory About NCT.
NCT is an idol project from SM which was released last year (2016). NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology and has already debuted 3 units as of now.
The 3 units as of now which are debuted are NCT U, NCT127, and NCT Dream, and NCT U is the first unit to be released.
So, before NCT U was officially released, SM first released some teasers, right? Let's talk about the teaser wherein the clip contains Taeyong, Mark, Hansol, Ten, and Jaehyun whom are all dancing to Synchronization of Your Dream (The 7th Sense), basically we can clearly hear Donghyuck's voice, Hansol's rapping and also Jungwoo's (back up rap vocal) but when T7S was released, which was NCT U's debut song (and Without U), Hansol, Donghyuck (Haechan) and Jungwoo weren't there but were included in the teaser (the actual vid and those people who are rapping and singing in the clip), and just so you know, I posted a nonsensical theory about which unit will comeback or make a debut on the RUMORED month 'November', whether it will be NCT China or an NCT U GRAND COMEBACK WITH A TWIST! NEW MEMBERS, right? Anyways, remember when Limitless Era was about to start and we were all wishing for Johnny's debut and it happened because he debuted on 127 along with Doyoung who has already debuted as a member of NCT U before and remember when Johnny said (?) that SM wasn't planning to add any members but DUE TO SOMETHING SPECIAL, SM added them(JohnDo). Okay, let's stop there because I'm not talking about it anymore😅. So, about the teaser, in the first teaser, The origin, we could see the little boy who's having a vision of Winwin while doing his Traditional Chinese Dance, which is his specialty, and all of us were confused and were asking, WHY ON EARTH DID HE APPEARED ON THE WITHOUT YOU MV both Korean Version and Chinese because it wasn't really relevant? Like. Okay. Winwin what are you doing in there? For exposure? Or are you reflecting\representing the little boy from the previous teaser of NCT? Or Are you the one whom SM’s referring to as their Ace? I know that you are representing something but I couldn't exactly tell what it is.... Then after that, 127 unit was released and Winwin was there but why did SM didn't include Kun along with Winwin when WinKun are both in NCT Life in Seoul? Why? And we all know that Kun was introduced in SMROOKIES way before Winwin, right? I'm not complaining, I'm just confused, why? And during NCT Life in Bangkok, SM let the hyung line have their debut as NCT U members but they didn't include Hansol. Then the Dream unit happened and months later SM still haven't released any new unit of NCT, but surprisingly they released Ten's SM STATION where they revealed Yukhei (Lucas) and released Jungwoo in the succeeding months.
In Limitless, in the beginning of the song, you can hear a voice, and based on what I've heard, it said "NCT U" then the second part of the intro starts where the grudge-like sound was heard, "Did I just hear NCT U!?!?!!!","WTF! Did I just misheard it or what!?!?!" like why would they even mention NCT U in an NCT127 music video?!?!!

(editor’s note: I actually heard what she’s talking about in all videos and audios of ‘Limitless’, though it was questionable whether it is actually “NCT U” being said or another blabber. It is questionable but not baseless.)
Did you also noticed that SM let Renjun and Chenle debuted early in Dream (I’m not complaining, just curious) when they weren't even introduced as SMROOKIES (they are hidden trainees and SM kept their profile), while Hansol was introduced to the public and was in NCT Life Bangkok, yet SM could have included him in NCT U. As for Yukhei and Jungwoo, Jungwoo is known by the fans even though he always wore black mask for he already performed in the SMROOKIES Shows along with NCT(minus RenLe and Yukhei) but why wasn’t he debuted in any unit?! And for Yukhei why is he still yet to debut too when he already appeared on Ten's SM STATION!?! A distinct contrast with Winwin’s situation where he appeared on NCT U's Without U mv and after a few months, was debuted in NCT127. If you have come across my post about NCT Dark, Hansol is supposedly the leader and not Taeyong. It was NCT Dark and not NCT U, if you haven't then I will discuss it here😂. First, the first unit was supposed to be NCT Dark consisting of the Hyung line and MarkHyuckWoo for 'The 7th Sense' while for Without U, there are Taeil, Donghyuck, Doyoung and Jaehyun. However, it did not follow through for as SM liked to manifest, for NCT, "WE HAVE BETTER PLANS". In NCT127, Yukhei was supposed to be part of it while Haechan is not included and after NCT Dream, SM has the plan to release a Chinese unit but due to the issues between China and South Korea, they delayed it. Okay, so back to what I’m saying, SM could have Jungwoo, Hansol and Yukhei debut many times, but they didn't!
©Angelika Seok