Saying no, it's completly okay.

Some people don't know how to say ''no'', they think that if they say no to someone, it's an ofense or something like that, but the reality is that IT IS NOT.

Saying no it's an actual human right, and I'm 0% kidding, google it.

Saying NO is necessary some times because, you can't allow other people to cross your limits line; everything has limits and you are the one who have the responsability to keep people far from those limits, so don't feel bad when you say no to someone, even if their reaction is not the best, YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING BAD, you are just making people respect your limits. It does not matter who they are to you, your friends, you boyfriend/girlfriend or even your parents, you can't give them all they want, some times you just gotta say NO.

And remember, the fact that I say no to something you asked me to, does not mean I don't love you, I'm not saying no to you, I'm saying no to what you asked me to.