Hello! So articles is now a new wondrous thing and i decided the best way to start off my page was to completely scrap my whole past account and start fresh all over again. As a great speaker once said, "That part of my life is over. It was a great experience but it’s time for me to create new memories for myself." I am not one looking for loads of followers or eager to be recognised, I want to use this creative outlet for my ideas, inspirations and thoughts!

article and writer image
afternoon walks on summer nights

So what better to start off with than a little introduction to me?

Hey fellow people of the vast internet, my name is Ren, well it is my nickname. I live in England and I'm 15 almost 16 going into my final year of high school so what better time to create this bubble of all my ideas. I study media and photography, with art as another option but not my main focus. Hopefully for the next year We Heart it will be my escape from the drama of a teenager, with the constant stress for my exams and friendships and all their emotional baggage.

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a photo from one very lazy afternoon

Still reading are we? I hope I haven't bored you that much with my life. Anyway I am a film and book fanatic and hope to maybe write some reviews and my opinions on the arts, I'm telling you now spoilers will be included! My favourite hobby i spend most of my free time doing is photography, i enjoy taking photos of everything and anything, whether it is cute candids of friends, tumblr worthy moments or even just simple things like the afternoon sky.

I am a very easy person to please. Sit me down with pizza and some good friends to watch an amazing TV series or an action packed movie, you have me intrigued. I am a fan of many different creative and wonderful people and friends mean the world to me.

aesthetic, black, and camera image
capturing a friend as she captures a moment

Anyway I hope you enjoyed a little introduction to me, i might answer question or make a second part if there is anything else you want to know. Feel free to DM me anytime, my messages are open to all, so don't be shy feel free to talk to me about anything. I can't wait to write more on here and maybe make some friends along the way!

P.S. - The photos in this were all taken by me, hope you liked them.

Hugs. Ren. x