Hi! Welcome to my first article.
What is Fear for you? Why are you afraid or just think you are because you will change too much and it franthens you that you will become something new and disappear, became "fake"?
I mean... I can finde myself into this things... It`s been a strugle for me to change something in my life. Like changing my hair color or even to start this article.
I think that anxiety is the main reason, thought of not been accepted in society and been made fun of is so scary.
Know what? I am so glad I made changes in my life, because it helps me to express who I am as person and helps me see how much I am growing day by day and it makes me strong and independent. If you don't try it now when will you? Maybe in the future you will have strong regret for not trying it or because you try it... There is only one way to see it. Take advice from others, close people, family, friends but never lost yourself into others opinion!

Hope it helps you
xoxo Nikea