I always dreamed of becoming a dancer and choreographer. I love to dance, but there is just one problem. I'm quite nervous when it comes to facing my fear in front of people. I have never liked the sight of an audience standing in front of me, ever since I first had my spelling bee in the school auditorium.

Here are some tips you can use, if you love to dance like me:

When you walk into the dance room say "there just people like you and me, they're not going to bite"

Say to yourself (in your mind) "I'm here to learn, not to feel paranoid and nervous around others"

Tell yourself (in your mind) "remember what your dream is, that's your destination, so start dancing"

"Don't leave the dance studio just because your afraid to come up to front of the class while you're in a group" - Daisy Romagnoli

I hope these tips will help you. Let me know if these tips work out for you

Happy Hearting
- Daisy