Why you need Roses in your life?

  • Disclaimer this is a comedy article and not to be taken seriously. Thank you, and I hope I made you laugh or raise an eyebrow.

Roses are the most beautiful flower on this planet. Call me obsess, but I just love waking up to the scent and beauty of roses. Imagine taking a warm bath with scented candles with rose petals all over your soft skin and/or bathroom floor. Or being lead by rose petals to come across something beautiful or something bizarre, I'm just playing. But, roses make the most beautiful decorations for any scenery like funerals. However, somethings people don't always use roses for romance or showing affection to a love one who past away. Other people use roses to dry their tears, prick their fingers, or rip them up from heartbreaks, watching titanic, sadness, etc. Ever heard about crying pretty, well you do know with roses you can cry pretty.
Roses might not be for everyone, some maybe are allergic (sucks to be you) or not their favorite. Which is ridiculous, because everyone knows roses are the best flowers to have around you. Roses are more use by people everyday, only that one time if you're sick in the hospital and someone brings you lilies or carnations. Eww. haha. If you see roses in your neighbors garden don't be afraid to pick them, but quickly run away before someone sees you. When you reach home you can put them in your hair and take a picture. If you're confident enough, why not post it on Instagram, I guarantee you, that you'll get over a thousand likes, because who doesn't love roses. So, girls and boys these are your reasons on why you need roses in your life and even if your allergic you're going to love them. Just don't sneeze the petals off.


Here's a rose that need love, this is not okay:

rose, fire, and flowers image

On a serious note, these are some beautiful pictures of roses, that I just love. Tbh, I wasn't kidding about being obsess with roses, because I am:

selena gomez, rose, and selena image Image removed Image removed ruby rose and tattoo image
Even celebrities love rose/s !


This is one of my favorite collections:

I hoped you enjoyed this collection as much as I did putting it together!

Thank You Beauties!

I really hope my article made you laugh, there's more to come!

If you see this I love you