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Okay. This is such a new thing on WeHeartIt. I have no idea how should I write this fantastic article lol.

Basically, I have this crazy dream of being a tennis player,but the question is, did I start playing too late ? Yes, absolutely. Here is the story :

It was summer. I was 13... You know, normal girl, going to school, trying to find herself, doing a lot of stupid mistakes, being weird, crazy, sometimes even funny, creative (I think), but that summer was actually hella hot + boring. So why not watch some TV ? Ohh nooo, there is nothing in there. But wait, there are some weird live matches. Maybe I should check ? Okay...
It was Wimbledon, I was fascinated. I started questioning myself : 'Oh my God, I've never seen anything more beautfiul, Can I be a tennis player? Those white outfits are so elegant, the crowd is wonderful. Yeah, I was s-h-o-o-k.
Guess what I did few weeks later. Yep. I asked my parents If I could buy a tennis racket. They were like : What?Why? Do you know where you can play? Like what, you sure ? Yes, I'm sure. I mean, look at my final grades, they are pretty awesome, huh ? There is this playground with a 'function' of a tennis court. Pleeeease, I wanna learn, It seems like a pretty fun sport to play !
They were like, okay, fine, but promise that you will play ! (My parents know that I can get bored of stuff pretty easily, I promised them that Im gonna play a guitar. And guess what ? I broke that promise. And I've never felt worse, but I just cant. This instrument still sits in the corner of my room). But I knew that tennis is something special.
So we were looking for a racket, I found a racket from 'Federer collection' hmm, nice,red, light, perfect for me. Seems like a perfect thing...
Great,but It was out of stock. Dont worry, my Dad found the same racket but in a lingerie shop (Dont ask, Im still not really sure If its a real one :))
But yeah, we bought it. I was waiting for this !!!!
It arrived !! hallelujah I was amazed. I wanted to try it out !
I found out that my friend also had a tennis racket !!! PERFECT, CAUSE IN MY TOWN THERE IS NOBODY THAT COULD TEACH ME TENNIS :))
So I decided to teach myself.
We went to the only 'court' in my town. Its basically a playground that has 3 sport functions : Basketball, Volleyball and tennis. Yes, there are a lot of lines.
So we went there...
Everything was nice, until I actually wanted to hit the ball. I was like : How do I hold the racket?
The first time was a disaster, I know what you think. 13 yrs old? Im supposed to play like a pro already haha, you wish !!! Obviously everything was wrong...Im this type of person who always wants to know and do everything from the begging, its not easy at all ! But dont expect much from a girl that doesnt have a coach.
But it was really fun to 'play'. I knew that I have to watch a lot of matches and tutorials on Youtube :).
Later I found out that there is another girl at my school that also plays tennis. So i found a tennis buddy, right ?
We were playing pretty much everyday, It was just difficult, but I wanted to play. I was taking inspiration from every pro match ! I love Monfils, Brown and Federer ! ♥
But then. School came...
So they closed the court, because of cold weather.
I missed tennis, even tough I was weak. I never lost hope of becoming better someday. I couldnt stop thinking about tennis ! But obviously it was winter and I also started a winter break but I really wanted to get better somehow, you know just to be closer to my goal. I used to dream about winning Wimbledon!!! I could imagine just my tears streaming down my face...
So I decided to train at home. Lol, I know, sounds ridicouls. But because I had my racket I could follow the movements of my favourite players at Australian Open ! I used to grab pringles and chocolate and just watch AO and watch...
And do backhands and forehands in my room. I dont know if it helped or not, but at least I tried, okay?
And then spring came. I was like okay time for tennis ! I bought Wilson tennis shoes ! It was getting warm, so it was such perfect time to start my practice again ! People told us that the whole area (multifunctioned playground + football pitch) can be closed because our town has no money to keep this whole thing alive. I was like... Is this a joke ? I found a love of my life and youre telling me that everything gonna fall apart ???? I literally got depression from all of that. I was praying, I was hoping that some day, maybe, God will let me to fight for it ! I got weird at school, I was crying for no reason, I was trying to find a tennis court, My heart was just broken. And I was like...MAYBE TENNIS IS NOT FOR ME ? I couldnt do anything. But I knew I will regret that. I had to try, I had to fight. I didnt ask God to give my tennis career, I just wanted an opportunity to fight for it...
Summer came.
I told my parents about my passion. My Dad told me that this is not going to work. But he says that If I wanted something so bad, I would fight for it without any help. And I was going to work for my tennis education.
At the end of June people told us that the court will be open soon. WHAT, WHAT WHAT...How. Shook. Im packing my bags to ma tennis courts bye Im moving there.
I remember when we had lessons at church. And they told us to write everything that we worry about, I wrote tennis career. I feel bad about that I didnt write anything about my family, but they were happy and healthy (I guess)...
So I promised myself that I will always be happy, thankful. Now its time to start all over again.
My game is so much different now. I started to actually think. I have a really nice footwork I think. My backhand and forehand are also really impresive ( I believe).
Its not the end of the problems.
Once I went to the doctor because something was not ok with my health,
I have a hip dysplasia, which means that my hips are too shallow and its something that I should have treated when i was 6 months. They just stopped growing I guess. And the doctor was so rude that I thought Im gonna beat the heck out of him. He told me to not to do ANY SPORTS (I love sports) and just sit and study...
I was like...OK...but I was boiling inside.
I was crying and my mom was confused. But then she bought me food so I decided to get myself together and not to care about that. Its not something super uncomfortable, My hips are cracking which sounds funny btw.
I have a plan... To go to a tennis academy. But its a problem. Cause my sister is going to college in a huge city, so we will be basically broke haha, but I will try everything.
But also dont forget about school.
Doesnt matter who you want to be in the future. An athlete, doctor, fashion designer, youtuber. Remember. Education is something really important to have, Your life will be so rich with it. So I also dont want to quit school. I have no idea how its gonna turn out,
Wish me luck.
Yes, sometimes I regret that I didnt start playing earlier, but Im glad that I found something that I want to do as long as I can ! And yes, everytime I see a little kid I think : This child has a bigger chance of being a tennis player than me, haha...ha.
I just want you to know that you should never quit your passion, becuase you will regret it till the rest of your life. You deserve the best, If you need to talk to someona you can absolutely write a message to me !
Have a good life ! ♥
*Sorry for eventual grammar mistakes ! Its literally 2 am :D

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