Throw Pillows
Throw pillows are a cheap, easy way to add color and comfort to any room! Why not use some festive pillows to get yourself in the thanksgiving spirit. Zazzle has some adorable fall forest themed pillows. Check them out here:

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Shag Rugs
Rugs are the easiest way to warm up a home. They add a fun, cozy vibe to any room and help keep your feet warm throughout these cold months. I tend to prefer a warm, creamy white rug that will match almost any color scheme, but any color will keep you comfy November long! Overstock sells a basic, creamy shag rug on the cheap. Grab it here:

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Get a House Plant
Houseplants are great. They have a naturally relaxing effect on people, omit oxygen and cleanse the air. Adding a plant to your house will remind you of the beauty of nature while giving you a pop of color. Try durable plants with a warm color scheme. Home Depot has some beautiful yellow chrysanthemums with the potential to survive through both the fall and winter.See Below:

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Twinkly Lights
Adding a row of soft, creamy lights adds the cozy lighting every room needs for the cold months ahead. For a added bonus get a garland with fake leaves attached to bump up your festivity factor. Wayfair sells this at a rather competitive rate. See Here:

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Throw Blankets
Throw blankets are a cold weather necessity. They add fresh color and texture to a room, while keeping you nice and warm. A nice, creamy, knit blanket is perfect for a cold November night. Pottery Barn sells an adorable blanket in multiple colors. Check It Out:

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