From the Island:

Thursday, August 24 was a sunny and hot day compared to the past week. Some time during the day We Heart It launched their new feature—articles. Everyone was prepared and everyone was expecting it, but the excitement when the moment finally arrived was tremendous. "Prepare yourself for even more inspiration than what you used to get just by entering WHI," I told myself—little did I know how true my words would be. This opens a whole new door to the wonderful world that is WHI.

Now, on a much less formal tone—WHI has articles!!! so cool <3

WHI has always been a place where we can express our creativity and imagination and now there are even more ways to do so. To say the least my excitement is unmeasurable right now... so this is just me testing the new articles.

Hope y'all have an awesome day or night (depending when you read this) and go write until your hands cramp up 😋 ( not really until they cramp up, gotta take care of yourself! )

peace out, zoé ✌🏽