tall brown hair with hazel eyes
the boy I met that day I can barely describe
was so fast when the crowd came
i saw you quickly getting pulled away
i don't even know your name
and that kills me everyday
maybe for you, I am just one more girl in the crowd
but to me you are everything
i see you everywhere that i go
Your eyes, your smile, your hair, and even your nose
we could be a minute or a sea away, but i love you the same
love at first sight, i know that exist
I felt that with you, but you don't even know
i'll search till the end
but I don't know where to start
I think you felt the same
but I'll never know till I find
darling, darling where do I start?
I don't even know your name, there is only an image in my heart
To "Espanhol"
I saw him at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park