life doesn't last forever. we will all eventually pass on, but until then we must learn to live to life's fullest potential. most people don't dig deep enough into what their lives can be; we stress and just worry about getting through another day. life is full of adventures if we know when to recognize them.

stop living as everyone else expects you to live. live as your heart and emotions tell you.

if you want to take an adventure through a field or see the Eiffel Tower, do it, take small risks in life and just let yourself loose. be venturesome.

chase after what you want, no matter how long and dusty the road ahead might be, you’ll get there.

in life, goodbyes are never the end, only sometimes the beginning.

the best thing about life is the unknown. and life's unknown adventure's are waiting to be discovered.

the more we stress about our lives and how each day could be our last, we don't appreciate what we have now, in the moment.

time is like a wheel, turning and turning and never stopping. so venture each day like it's your last.

do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. you don't have to live forever, you just have to live.