I feel like I don't really express how much I love this platform
This is one of the only social media platforms that doesn't give me anxiety
There is no drama
No judgement
No hate
We Heart It is a safe space
I never feel anxious when I post
I never worry that no one will like my post
I'm never discouraged when I post
We Heart It is such a great and underrated platform and I'm so happy that I made a decision to become apart of this community 2 (almost 3 now) years ago
I love WHI
Say it with me, 'I love WHI'
And there are 3 things that I always know will be true
WHI will always be WHERE I want to be
WHI will always HELP me express myself
WHI will always INSPIRE me to be the best version of myself
Say it with me one more time, 'I love WHI'