Hello Everyone!

I can finally say 'everyone' knowing that all of the We Heart It community has access to my articles now. Welcome! Lovely update, isn't it?

I just wanted to give all of you a proper hello and to introduce you to a whole new part of my account. There's going to be a new addition now that Articles has officially released!

Ever since I started We Heart It a few years back, I have always been posting my thoughts to this website. I love doing it, it's my venting place. It's a second home. And I realized that it's helped so many people, and that truly touches my heart. I've met, talked, and helped a lot people over the years, and with this new addition to We Heart It, it is a new addition to who I am as a writer, and a new addition to what my account is.

I want my articles to be advice based. and I want all of YOU (yes, to anyone who's reading this) to submit suggestions on topics I can give advice about! It can be anything, and I will try my best to help anyone who needs it. So send me a postcard and start giving suggestions! Once you suggested the topic I'll write and construct a whole article about it and post it ASAP! This'll be the start of something great.

If I'm not writing advice articles, there will also be other articles on whatever I think of and want expanded thought on (Besides this, I'll continue to post my quotes and poems signed "m.c.").

I just wanted to talk to you guys personally and let you know what I'm getting started on. I'm looking forward to getting in touch with the We Heart It community more and getting to discuss life with all of you! I'll always be someone you can talk to. Let's chat :)

All the love,


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