Hello! Welcome!

I'm Hayley and I figured I would write a little as a welcome to my page/introduce myself/get more people actively checking out my little space

I joined WeHeartIt over 5 years ago (sometime in 2012) and I discovered it through Tumblr. I was pretty active on there and found all my fave aesthetically pleasing photos (well, aesthetically pleasing in 2012 -- times have changed) could be found on there. I found this was a super cute little space to look at photos, find backgrounds, share photography, etc.

I started as just someone who actively hearted photos. Sometimes I threw in my own photographs but they never did too well.

Things took a turn in the summer of 2014 when I made a simple grunge-y like edit (2014 was a very emo time) and it, dare I say, blew up...

am, arctic monkeys, and smoke image

It did very well and attracted a good amount of people to my page. I uploaded more and they've done fairly well and I learned quickly that edits make ya go far on this sight -- hahah

anyways, this is me, this is what I've done, and I completely ADORE this website!