Once upon a time
In a mind faraway
She was a princess
And like all princesses she had longed for a prince.

She was Cinderella by day, Ariel at night,
Belle in the meantime and Jasmine
Everywhere else.

She believed in raining roses,
Pinks, yellows, reds and brilliant blues.
But as time passed by the world was harsh to her.
And her mind had turned to storms untamed.

It rained blood, her house was haunted
And skeletons had been shoved into her

Once upon a time
In her mind here to stay
She was a witch
And like all witches desired power and a lust that would consume her.

Vanished was the love she once craved
And gone were the princesses in heart.
She was Maleficent, the wicked witch.

She thrived in broken hearts, crushed dreams,
Black was the color of her soul.
And as the time passed by nothing seemed to change her.
And her mind turned to bitter agony. . . .