Hello! My name is Miu and here is an article to help you get to know me!

My History on We Heart It

My first days on whi were a blast - I joined the community in the midst of February 2015, when it was extremely easy to be in the limelight. At that point, I think I had absolutely no taste in my photos. Here are a few examples of my first posts that went viral:

animal dog
Yes, I know what you're thinking - 'was she posting memes on her page?' Yes, yes I was, I cringe thinking about it. This first post had reached up to 3000+ hearts, the second up to 2700+.

Then there were some other photos that a slightly more pleasing than memes:

chocolate fun accessories dark
I like to think that these one's are much better than the above memes. ¾ of these picture remain to be my most popular pictures ever.

Some Facts About Me

  • I am younger than you think: You may not believe it but I am still at the tender age of 13. And yes, that means I created my whi account at the age of 11 :-)
  • I was crowned a heartist in 2015: The first year that the heartist awards were introduced, whi made me one! That meant that I was active, influential and had a high amount of followers.
  • I do calligraphy: Now you may be thinking, wow, isn't calligraphy for old people? or something along those lines. But no, that's not what I'm talking about, I practise modern calligraphy. Here are some examples:
Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

Now these are not my work, but you can check out my calligraphy on my studygram: https://www.instagram.com/cocostudies/

Random Questions

what is your background?
I am japanese!

least favourite fashion trend?
definitely the trend where you wear a t-shirt under a slip dress. I thing it looks terrible tbh.

last song you listened to?
Save ME - BTS

what's the meaning behind your username?
@hopeiessfountainkingdom is a reference to the most recent Halsey album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. I love her and her music so much.

what's the weather like rn?

I hope you enjoyed this, feel free to send me postcards of article suggestions!
- xoxo Miu