Are you a beginner in hip hop? Are you self-taught? Or do you just want to expand your knowledge? Well, keep reading...

This is not a guide telling you how to dance, as Hip Hop is about being free. However, do NOT call yourself a Hip Hopper unless you've passed grade five because otherwise, compared to what paid professionals do, you're learning baby ballet. I know that fact might get a lot of hate, but it's honestly the truth.

Hip Hop is not made for the audience to watch, silently, and then clap and cheer once you've taken that ending position. Hip Hop is made so that the audience cheer as you do tricks, and completely slam the dance floor. It's made to make people excited. It is almost the opposite of ballet. When performing in a ballet ensemble, you don't want the audience to be cheering as you perform a delicate pirouette, or a romantic duet, in a beautiful tutu and leo. In Hip Hop, you want people to scream, in a good way. Hip Hop has it's own culture.

Hip Hop is performed on the streets, well, that's where it began. It's performed to upbeat music. For beginners, a good song to dance to is Boom Clap by Charlie XCX, as it has a good rhythm, with a quick tone. However, if you are below grade one, I recommend dancing so slower, like Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, as it has a good beat, however, it is less complex, compared to Grade One+ songs. Or, find a remixed version of a song, like Grace VanderWaal's Moonlight, BKAYE remix. The BKAYE remix is slow, but fast enough to dance to.

This dance style was made to have dance offs to. If you have no sass, you might as well quit Hip Hop now. I'm going to be brutally honest, if you're shy, you won't be any good, as a choreography could have you booty pop in a Hip Hop dance, and if you don't listen, you'll be fired. I once worked with a choreographer who wanted a girl to kiss a boy in a duet, and she refused, so she was fired. Dance is harsh like that though.

You MUST be able to improvise. Improv is a key element in Hip Hop, as you will come across many situations when your teacher will get your to line up, and have a dance battle. If you're not quick thinking, then you'll lose. NEVER copy what your opponent has just done, as this will make you lose. Don't be afraid to get in their face.

A good example of getting in someone's goddamn face is Asia Monet Ray. My friend sent me this clip to show to an infant group I teach to give them more confidence that seven year olds can beat someone else. XD:
*I don't like Abby Lee Miller's teaching methods at all, however, she has produced some good hip hop dances...that weren't choreographed by her.

If you have any questions about any of the subjects, don't hesitate to ask!