You, ( U know who you are )
Can you tell me what happened? Do you even can answer this?! Please answer. Help me. At least you can try....i miss you. Ok ?! Honestly i don't know what I´m even trying to talk about. I´m so confused....( guess the teen years are not so glorious and pretty). This shit is fucking dark don't trust movies.
I just need to talk to someone about that particular day. I want to talk to you. about that day. THE DAY WE MET.
i remember that day so well (4 years ago) like if it was yesterday . was so normal yet the best day of my life. The day i was loved. was a normal sunny summer day. suddenly.... like an heartbeat. I noticed you. I saw you (oh god i can't believe i saw you).... I was so calm i looked at you straight in the eyes like it was meant to be ( i didn't want to ruin the moment for that reason i was a little anxious) you looked at me as well ( don't lie i saw you then you look to the other side and then for me when "i wasn't looking" ) .

But how ? how in that exact moment 2 strangers could look to each other´s eyes and have the "home feeling" that cozy thought you belong to something.
I guess i belonged to him. i still belong. he will be forever my man. the guy i met. the guy i don't know if i fell in love. the guy i know that wanted me. desired me.
In that moment it was what i needed. that feeling. You know i´m not that "normal" beautiful girl that every boy desires wants to hang out and go to bars.
I´m just me. A awkward teen girl with Insecurities. A girl with dreams and fantasies. you were my still are
..... ( to be continued)