Hey! followers or those of you how may just stubble across my page. Im nearly sixteen quite edgy, introverted, fashionable and a bit of a bitch.
since wehearit has a new article feature allowing people to blog on this site I've decide to become more spiritually active and blog here! also since I don't have a Tumblur. In these articles I will be discussing my journey of becoming a bad bitch and allowing my self to discover what I truly aim to accomplish during this lifetime. Anyone my followers or online mutual's can add to this or talk about similar goals of becoming a woke bad bitch! or just living a fulfilling lifetime. Disclaimer; topics discussed here will vary form; social issue, pro black stuff, POC threads, school, girl stuff and more to come! hopefully you find this insightful or food for thought, or anhything really since perception is key when viewing things as such . On God this is sooooo long, sorry but please read it if you intrested in becoming online mutual's.