"Failure doesn't define who you are"

The amount of times that I have been told that same quote makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out. I literally loath the sentence and I cringe every time it slips out of my own mouth--because I know it isn't true.
Failure defines everyone in the room, even if they feel to humiliated or embarrassed to admit it.
Many of us strive forward on a lack of confidence, and we sink with moment that takes over, and before we know it the exam is over and we're going over the mistakes that we've made. And the mocks that we've already taken have already shown us the cracks of what a mistake can do, and yet even when the moment comes many of us fail.
And when we finally admit it our ears hear the sound of that dreadful quote.
At first I was in denial, and I hated the fact that I had put so much in and not had anything out of it, and it's okay. It defines me as a person who even after many failed attempts can get back up and try again.
So let failure define you in a good way. Don't let it swallow you. Try again.

(Sorry for spelling errors or misinterpretation its 11:30 and I'm falling asleep on my keyboard)