I'm trying out this new feature from WeHeartIt and I really like it. For this first article I thought I'll present some of my collections, so here we go...


Denim jackets are my all time favorites. Actually I kinda like denim in general so, yes, my collection is full of it and shoes of course :D, who doesn't love them? Right now I'm really into chokers and dungarees. 😊


I love nail art, I spend hours making my nails and I heart images that I think I can recreate myself. There are some difficult ones in here but those I keep just for inspiration, I'm not that adventurous 😬. My go to color is light pink. 😅


This collection is full of random things from flowers to interior design. It's just a beautiful mess. 😂

I want to keep it short SO... that's all for now. Stay inspired.
If you want check out my hearts. 🤗🐘