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Hey guys!

This is a poem I wrote in the middle of the night, when no one was awake and the words just came out, begging to be written. My greatest inspiration for it is the song Concrete Walls, by Fever Ray, which you can listen here:

I hope you enjoy ;)

I make grey music
For I’m unable to do anything else
Every night, I tap my fingers on the concrete
And spread the dry notes
Hoping for them to fill
The dark inches of the apartment
I am living ghost
I lock the doors and slam the windows
While everyone falls asleep
I walk in rabbit-steps
Room by room, running in circles
I scratch my nails on the wallpapers
Till the fading flowers are torn
And then I write on them
I take clear notes
On every word you say
In your red dreams
Which will not sound like decency
I breathe and moan
Punch the concrete with both hands
So you’ll settle down
At my lullaby
I make grey music
Though it would be
My best gift
Of all time

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