Our lives begin with women, our mothers. Throughout life we meet many women, some we like, some we hate. But we all have our own story to tell. We all have a painful secret hidden which give us power.

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I, a phenomal young woman, have decided to take all the pain and suffering society and life give me and turn it into power, to be a woman, phenomenally.

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Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, Lady Diana

These are only few women that have turned their pain into something beautiful. They were strong women, game changers and rule makers. They were tragic, their lives were tragic. But they were women.

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Frida had an accident which gave her terrible scars and health issues, the worst consequence of all was that she could never become a mother. She was also madly in love and broken by him. Yet she channeled her pain into artwork admired so many years later.

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Coco was heartbroken, an orphan, a lonely woman in an industry dominated by men. She was hated and mocked by many. But she showed them all what she was capable of. Her ambition and determination led her and now she was the one dominating.

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Lady Diana was in a toxic environment. She was in love, heartbroken and disappointed, however, her faith in humanity never left her. Nevertheless, she was the one giving faith to many who were as broken as she was.

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Being a woman never means being weak. It means being strong. So strong the ugly turns into something beautiful, something phenomenal.

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