NEW YORK CITY ~ Life Lessons of Summer '17

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When looking at a map of NYC, you are looking at the cover of a book of an infinite amount of beautifully and sometimes tragically composed stories of people's lives.

I came alone to the city of 8.5 million strangers. For 4 months, an unfamiliar place would become 'home' for me.

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Knowing nothing about anyone upon arrival, nobody could have prepared me for the unique people I would meet on my travels.

I'm obsessed with people and their stories.

Even at home in the small country of Ireland, I always look at random people in the street and try to figure out what has occurred so far in that person's life to make them who they are today in the place they stand.

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I listened to countless fascinating stories of those I became close to. But walking past thousand of people daily, I couldn't help but wonder what I wasn't hearing.

What about the stories of the people who I sat beside on the subway?

What about the stories of the people I walked by in Central Park?

What about the stories of the people who sleep in the doorway of store fronts?

Most importantly, what about the stories that are yet to come?

justmeciara 24/08/2017