Hey! It's ya girl @hopeiessfountainkingdom, also known as Miu! Here is my guide to take on We Heart It, one of the best social platforms out there :-) I have been an active whi user since way back in 2015, so I hope you can trust me with my experience.

Heart Photos

What's the point of using whi without hearting any photos? Make sure you regularly like other peoples photos so that you are supporting others hearters!

Upload Photos

By uploading your own content, you will 'inspire' others. Now whi isn't a place to upload your selfies and such, it's a place to present pictures you believe people will find aesthetically pleasing and pretty.

Follow Others

Follow your friends, follow your favourite heartists, follow those who you enjoy seeing their photos!

Create Collections

Make sure you do this so then you will build an audience of people with all kinds of interests. Here are some of my own fan-favourite collections:

Don't Focus on Your Follower Count

This is not a very good thing to do, because whi isn't all about the followers. You can be a content creator or you could be a hearter, or even both. I was on the hearter side until the beginning of this year, which is when I began being a frequent uploader.


Don't upload or heart photos just to impress people. If you look through my feed for example, you will find fashion, cute things, makeup, food and kpop: they are all things I love! Your feed is a away to express yourself and who you are, and you should never forget that!

I am not implying you HAVE to follow these, but this is just some advice i would give to someone who was new here.

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