For the ones with the broken heart.Written by the broken hearted girl.

Flowers will grow again

You said to me that my eyes are beautiful so many times.
Now I understand your words but I didn’t believe you back then.
Maybe you were the only one who could see the hidden garden,
That used to grow in the lonely chambers of my eyes.

Flowers that used to grow there probably lived in vain.
Now an endless desert consumes everything I was.
I can't find beauty in myself anymore because
All I can feel now is regret and haunting pain.

You made me suffer.You picked up every flower I tried to keep,
And I was the kind of girl who would let you take
Everything that you wanted even if you had to break
My heart into pieces and kill the love I felt so deep.

But thorugh all the pain I feel I can promise you this:
New flowers will grow in me again. My tears will wash away
The sand of the desert you left behind. I'll make love stay.
My wounds will heal and you will understand how it feels

To be in the place where darkness dwells,all alone.
I promise you,when you find yourself there – I'll be gone.

- Mikaela

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