If you are a hair lover then you will appreciate these tips that I've learnt so far.
I've struggled with growing my hair because it was damaged due to my new (not now) hair colour.

1. Do NOT wash your hair everyday

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In fact, washing your hair everyday can cause dandraff, it will get greasy easily and it will be dry.

2. Choose the right shampoo

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You should know best your hair condition! Always remeber to switch products from time to time. Personally, I love products that contain chinin.

Read the other side of bottles too! Avoid anything with sulfate.

3. Never forget conditioner

If you want to have silky hair and healthy ends, you should never skip this step!

4. Do a hair mask once or twice a week

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Personally, I love all natural ingredient hair masks. The best thing is that you can mix them together. The most effective are coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil and avocado oil, aloe very gel.

5. No no to heat tools

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Try to reduce it as much as possible. Have you touched your hair straghtener? Hurt so bad, right? Now imagine that you put your hair through this.
If you want to use any heat tool, please use products that protect you hair with silicone.

6. Do a scalp massage everyday

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You can use your own fingers - not nails! Or special products. It helps with blood cerculation which stimulates hair folicules. You should do it for 10 min.

7. Trim your hair when neccessary

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If you really want to grow your hair, don't trim your hair too often. I trim it once in 6 months.

8. Comb from the bottom to the top

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Your hair will detangle easily.

Use either wooden brush or tangle teezer (make sure it's for wet hair too).

9. Diet

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Your hair needs vitamins and minerals !

10. Be patient

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Hair does not grow 2 inches over night :) So don't force it. It's a long journey and try to enjoy every moment! Also, don't forget to take you before picture so you can tell that your hair is actually growing.