I love every season in its own way, but autumn has a lot to offer.

The Leaves

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When you think autumn you think leaves. Leaves turning to set the world ablaze with colour, leaves falling to crunch underfoot, leaves raked into piles to play in, and just leaves galore!

Hot Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Hot Tea, and Hot Apple Cider

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Fall is the perfect time to fix yourself a hot cup of almost anything! Hardly anything beats a warm cuppa and a nice long book. Whether you're a coffee, tea, cocoa, or cider type of person it all hits the spot during autumn!

Fall Clothes

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Its hard to beat comfy sweaters and worn in boots. I love the clothes that you get to wear in autumn, especially big scarves. The clothes are super comfortable and keep you cozy as the weather gets cooler.

Fall Scented Candles

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The smell of fall scented candles are a blessing in this life! I love the smell of all the herbs and spices mixed together. Little else is better at putting you in the autumn mood than a deliciously scented candle.


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I have always loved Halloween because I love spooky things. I love watching movies that are Halloween themed or are just plain scary. I love folklore, dressing up in costumes, eating sweets, and carving pumpkins. This is just one of those holidays that I enjoy celebrating and have lots of fun while doing it


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I love a good bonfire while huddled under a quilt, making s'mores, and surrounded by friends. I have many fond memories of laughing around a fire, and staying toasty while enjoying a night out with buddies.

Cooler Weather

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The rainy days are perfect for readers and the foggy mornings are nice and peaceful.

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

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I love Christmas (it's my favorite holiday), so bring out the Christmas songs, decorate your houses and fill all the towns with Christmas cheer because I love me some holiday spirit! Autumn for me means that Christmas isn't far off, and that's music to my ears!
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I hope you all enjoyed this list and I hope you all enjoy the autumn season.

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