Hello :)

Since I am currently in the process of finding a new apartment to rent I decided to set up a mood board/wishlist of all the things I like and would love to have. Unfortunately, apartments are pretty expensive where I live and taking my monthly income in consideration I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to find one that is cheap and looks good. I've had roommates for five years now, but decided to live alone for a while. That's much more expensive but I think that suits me the best for now.

I've been planning to buy clothes rack for a while but still haven't got my hands on it. I guess that's the first thing I'll buy from all of this :D

clothes, white, and room image
closet closet bedroom bedroom

Most of my things are black and white but recently I've been loving a touch of light pink in the room.

book, white, and photo image
bed Superthumb bed decor

The plants... What to say about them. If I could, I would turn my room into a jungle.

black and white, minimal, and black bag image
bed cactus cactus bed decor cactus aesthetic american apparel

And a white desk is a must! At least for me.

home, interior, and desk image
decor black Superthumb black

I hope this will also inspire some of you to spice up your living space.