I dont think there is some definition for love, as many out there may think. And I know i´m not the first to say that and hopefully not the last!
The dictionary says: love is the affection or attraction we feel for somebody. Of course I agree with this statement but we can not just stay with this because the truth is that love, in my opinion, is a group of actions someone may show you and that you may show to some person you love.
We can always buy things to the ones we love, as clothes or something else material, and that's ok (honestly, i do it too) but when we feel real loved is when your lover makes you a surprise just because yes, when we taste our mom's and grandma's food, when we receive a hug given by that one person you haven't seen for a really long time, when you and your bestfriends are laughing for some random reason no one is able to remember but you can't stop because you understand each other's minds and just with a look you start laughing again.
Who doesn't like to be shut up with a kiss, to give a BIG hug, to receive a surprise that can only makes you think: "were you really listening to me when i said that?!"?
Love is hapiness, is being there, is affection and attraction, is kindness, is magic, is butterflies flying in your stomach, is a look, is a kiss, a hug, is playing with your dog, is generosity, is understanding, is helping, is being ourselves in front of someone, is everything good put together to create that simple word, everything that i can't write here, if i did this text would go on and never end.

Love is wonderful so let's start loving! Love your mom, your dad and the rest of your family, love your boyfriend or girfriend, love your dog, cat and any other pet you have, love life, love nature, love your world, love your friends, love your home, love the things you do, and love yourself!