Hey guys, todays article is going to be my favourite Netflix TV shows. Some of these shows are not Netflix originals but i have watched or am watching them on Netflix.


Riverdale is a teen mystery drama that is based off of the Archie Comics. The show is about the death of Jason Blossom on the 4th of July in a small town called Riverdale. The show follows the different characters as they try to figure out what happened the morning of his death and unveil other secrets about their families and friends.

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I'm going to be honest the whole reason i started watching this show is because i found out that Cole Sprouse was a main character, i have loved him since his role in Suite Life that was shown on Disney channel. However by the first episode i was hooked, i found it similar to Pretty Little Liars (another show i love). Each episode revealed more of the story and the background of each character.

There is currently only 1 season but the second season is coming in October, which i am so excited for. I would 10/10 recommend if you love anything teen drama!

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is about four girls, Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily, the only thing they had in common was their best friend Allison who disappeared one night whilst they were having a sleepover. One year later the four girls find themselves becoming closer again after all of them receiving messages from an unknown person that called themselves 'A'. 'A' threatens to expose all of their secrets which know one ever knew, at first they predict that it is Alison but after she is found dead they realize that it is someone else who is set on ruining their lives.

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I wanted to watch Pretty Little Liars way before i got Netflix, the whole concept of the show really caught my attention. By the time i actually got to watch it there was already 2 or 3 seasons. I will admit that there were times that the show frustrated me, most of these times would end in me shouting at the TV for them to go to the police, but then if they did that there would be no show.

There are 7 seasons and the show finished this year, this is a show that i recommend to all my friends because it is so enticing and a show you can definitely binge watch.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is about a boy called Scott who gets bitten by a werewolf when he and his best friend Stiles are in the woods one night. The show is about him trying to figure out his new life and deal with problems in the mythical world. It also doesn't help that he is falling in love with the daughter of the werewolf hunter's daughter.

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I am only on season 2 of Teen Wolf but i love it already. Some of my friends were obsessed with the show but i never had a way to watch it until it was put on Netflix. The show has me laughing so much with the sarcasm between the characters.

There is currently 6 seasons and I'm not sure if they are filming anymore, but as i said i am only on season 2. I think this show would be great for you if you are into fantasy and mythical TV shows.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is about a single mum called Lorelai who lives with her teenage daughter Rory in a small town called Stars Hollow. Lorelai has to deal with Rory going to a new school and bringing her parents back into her and Rory's life.

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This is such a feel good show that i think anyone could like. I had never heard of the show until my mum said she had watched a few episodes in the past and thought it was really good, so we watched it together.

There is 7 seasons and then their is a follow on series called, 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' which is set 10 years later after the show finished and follows on their story in four short movie episodes.

Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is about a teenage girl, Elena who has become the interest of the Salvatore brothers who have just moved into town. Stefan and Damon Salvatore are vampires who are pretending to live normal lives. Elena's best friend Bonnie is also a part of the mythical world, as she has just found out that she has magical powers.

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The show has become a favourite of mine because i find it very interesting and entertaining. It is quite a popular show just like Pretty Little Liars. I haven't seen all the seasons as not al of them are on Netflix.

I believe there are 8 seasons and they finished the show this year. I think you will really like the show if you are interested in mythical shows.

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Thank you all for reading, i hope you enjoyed it and want to watch these shows. I may do another article like this as i have watched more show on Netflix.
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