Trouble falling asleep is a truly frustrating experience. Your mind is swimming with thoughts from the day and with everything you have to do tomorrow, and the fact that you’re not asleep makes you even more anxious. It’s why a few relaxation exercises before bed can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and feeling like a zombie the next morning.

  • Create An Optimum Sleep Environment-->Keeping your sleep space dark, quiet, and neither too hot nor too cold. And don't forget to make sure your bed is as comfortable and cozy as possible.
  • Have A Sleep Ritual--> Creating a ritual that you do before bed every single night.This ritual could be as simple as a cup of (decaf) tea, or a warm shower and moisturizing session.
  • Have Decaf Beverages On Hand-->It's important to always keep non-caffeinated options on hand, like seltzer or certain herbal teas.
  • Write Down Your Thoughts And Worries-->Taking time before bed to actually write these worries down or even just making a simple to do list. That way you can check these thoughts off as already dealt with as they come when you lie in bed.
  • Avoid Phones And Tablets
  • Breathe--> Breath in and then slowly exhale while visualizing tension leaving your body, focussing on the areas where you feel the most tension, like in your stomach or shoulders; repeat as needed.
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