¿Having a bad day?, ¿someone say something bad to you?, ¿things aren't going as you wish in your house, or even in school? well i'm here to make you feel a little better... or at least i'm gonna tried.
Life isn't easy, thats something that we learn in a hard way, we came to this life to fight, we shouldn't, but thats why we are here, we have to fight against all of those people who say "You aren't enough", or, "gosh, you're ugly", well let me tell you something, you are not one of those things,
you are beautiful no matter what people say to you
You are enough and if people doesn't wanna see that, well thats their problem..
And if you have a friend that are telling you one of those things, hon, they don't deserve your time.
You are awesome, don't let people tell you otherwise.

The pain doesn't go away... but it gets better😉

-Just A Random Girl