The power of our minds. The power of our ambition. You are the creator of your destiny and your outcome. Dont be scared to fail. Dont be scared to go beyond. Dont be scared of growth. Forget about what others "think" of you. Other peoples opinions are invalid. Your true beauty is so much more than the fucked opinions. All the girls, should know their worth. That you dont have to change yourself for the society's desires. All you have to do is just realize of how important you are and that someone out there needs you. Either you realize it or don't. Start treating yourself with respect and love yourself despite of everyone else. Rise above and live up your true self. Stay true to yourself. Be powerful just being you. Embrace yourself. Dont be scared to fail and then try again. Dont be scared to grow. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, and know how to balance your life. Theres nothing better than a feeling of originality and knowing that you are you and nobody can take that away from you. You are beautiful. All the scars, acne, hair, stretch marks and all the other things that are natural part of life. It's okay. And everyone else that doesnt accept natural beauty can fuck themself.