So I just did my Pantry because, yes we get to that stage when we an never find anything in there and most of the things that we dig out are expired. For me, it was both. It was a mess. And a mess so big that I did not even want to take a picture of to put on the blog. It would not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
So, well… I wanted something neat in there, because that is the “food area” and I wanted to do things on a budget. I am totally game for planning and doing things in a set budget ONLY. Lets just say, I do not want extra costs at this moment.
So, last Saturday, I opened my pantry and memorized the categories of the food that I had and made a mental note of the types of items in my Pantry. I did not want to change the location of the items much but I wanted a better visual at things. For me, it all comes down to Visual!! If I can see it, I know I have it, otherwise I just forget about it and I think its like with most of us.

So, I made a stop at the Dollar store, a bigger one having more variety than just my nearby one and bought the following:
2 Large Basket
6 Medium Size baskets
1 Stick On Pack
2 Round Baskets
I chose White color because of late I am loving the color white and its just much more pleasing to the eye at all times. But to bring a little color to the kitchen, I had gotten the 2 round baskets in Blue color.
Since, I had already decided my Pantry layout, all I had to do was to take everything out shelf by shelf and put them in the baskets according to the Categories that I decided to put them in. The Categories that I had decided were:
Meal Preparation (Meal Prep)
Once I placed them in different baskets, I went and wrote these categories on the Stick Ons and pasted them on the baskets. I placed Onions and Potatoes in the blue round baskets and I keep them in the open because closed doors brings out shoots in them, which are not good for health.

Also, I went a step ahead and did my Grains and Rice section. Since, I already had the containers, I just placed the Stick Ons onto them as well. This gave a much more cohesive look to the whole pantry.

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