Because you’re in love with the reality of who you could be. Just because you like the way certain packaging looks. Appetizing. Aesthetically pleasing. There are just certain little things that you love. And that’s why you keep going on. That’s why you’re still alive. Because some songs are inspiring and there is a possibility that they could become a wonderful sad soundtrack. Because you’re in love with the reality of who you could be. Because there are certain great things. You figure there is too much to leave. To leave would be too overwhelming. But that makes you feel selfish. And you don’t want to feel that way. You feel selfish, so you know you have to stay. But knowing that’s the only reason you’re staying makes you feel more selfish. With these feelings too overwhelming, you just want to leave. And when you think about it, why shouldn’t you leave? Everything seems useless, you have tried everything it seems. And nothing is right. Nothing has worked. You believed it was just because you were special, and nothing could be very perfect, because you were too special for it all. And it wasn’t selfish then. It wasn’t you, then. Everyone around you told you this. And it’s because they were scared. Scared of you, scared of what you would do. But most of all, scared of losing you. And you thought, you really believed, that if there was enough love for you, it would be okay. Until you realized it wouldn’t. Until you realized you were done. Until you couldn’t go on. Until you knew it was the end. And you lost it all. And what is your life now? It isn’t. It isn’t anything at all. Because there was too much pressure. This world placed too much pressure on you, and you cracked. You cracked just like you said you never would. But you were in love with the reality of who you could be. And you still are. But this time it’s the reality of who you could have been. Because you never truly lost that thought. That one. Single. Thought. That made it all worth it. Until there were better thoughts. But the better thoughts could never be accomplished. They were unreasonable, and you didn’t allow yourself to even reach for them. It stopped you. And you regretted it the rest of your life. And now you regret it in your life that isn’t a life at all. Now you regret it in your state of darkness. Darkness and a loneliness. Loneliness and a sense of lost. Because you were in love with the reality of who you could have been.