Hi Guys, I have been wanting this for a pretty long time!

Yes, the makeover of Our Happy World (OHW) !!!

The reason is simple-

Everything had to look like a brand, I wanted whenever someone visits any social media of the OHW, they should know its OHW by just looking at it !

I love it when the bloggers work on a constant look throughout their blogs… it is hard to achieve, although not hard enough, but surely requires a concentrated effort in the same direction always.

My lessons in Business & Marketing also taught me the same…. have the same branding across… well, yes we can all agree it is Branding.. although not in its entirety, but a part of it…

So yes, that is the reason why I wanted to blog about this, is that I wanted to let you all know…. the Pink Owl is there and if you find the pink owl, consider reading OHW!


What platform I use for Blogging?

I am currently using WordPress as my platform.

Which theme do I use?

I use Germaine theme, but I have customized it drastically.

Why do I blog?

Initially it just started as a hobby or a way of passing time, but within a couple of weeks I fell in love with it. I love writing and that is what made me take this seriously.

What is your blog about?

Our Happy World is my take on happy moments. I love get togethers, gatherings, occasions, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, festivals…. yes I am the one high on holiday cheer! Therefore, I have started writing all about creating the best version of these events. Any way, in which these events can bring a little joy and a smile to the ones reading it and the ones on the receiving end.

What does the PINK OWL stand for?

The pink owl is a symbol of creativity in recreating happy moments.

Where can we find more about your blog?

Our Happy World is currently in its startup stage- it is present with an Instagram account andFacebook page. You can see it here.

Anyways, I am done with the questions, if there is anything else, let me know on – click here.

Till then, ta – ta

Have a happy day

Sending you all happiness….

Bhavana 🙂