The Race Issue.

Uhg. Its like a virus which seems to be corroding the United States from the inside out. Over 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation and the United States is STILL dealing with race. It's tedious. It's cumbersome. It's like quicksand in that the more we struggle and fight, the more it sucks us in. And It's keeping EVERYONE tied to the past and unable to move toward a better future.

Believe me, everyone in the United States will lose the longer it continues to be an issue.

Because while the United States stays anchored to race, it also paves the way for other countries to lead the way. And by "other countries" we're only talking about ONE country. A country I've spent quite a bit of time living within.

We're talking about China.

Have you noticed China continues to expand into the South Pacific? Have you noticed Xi Jinping is "out there" (like a superstar), shaking hands and kissing babies with every other world leader? Have you noticed China holds the majority of the United States' debt in the palm of their hand?

Meanwhile, the United States can't get past race.

Uhg. Double uhg, actually.

Because by losing sight of the bigger picture, (meaning Leadership), its going to hit the United States like a bag of rocks when it slides into the Number 2 position on the world stage.

Its going to hurt much worse than most people in the United States are prepared for... and will make all the petty racial back 'n forth (fueled by the US media) feel like a warm summer breeze in comparison to moving into Second Place.

The move will not only be financial, but also culturally in that the art, film, and fashion scene in America will also take a backseat to the picture China will paint in this new digital world we have all helped to create.

Now, the question is whether or not it actually is a bad thing China takes the reigns, setting the pace for the rest of the world? While over 1.3 billion people in China would say, "YAY" it could be debated what that entails, considering China is a mostly uniform Chinese population with relatively few non-Asian people living within its borders. Its the kind of situation which lends itself to an even bigger discussion of race and culture clash.

And if you think the issue of race was complicated before... get ready to strap your boots on.. this ride will be infinitely bumpier.

But THAT is a topic for another time. :)