Here are a list of 50 random activities, songs, people, objects, and even food to hopefully make you feel a little happier!

Bad days are always going to happen, but someone once told me that even in your worst day there is always a good thing that happened. even the tiniest of acts can make your day 100 times better.

(cover photo is one I took myself when I was in Bali, Indonesia, other photos aren't mine!)

So here is my random list hope y'all enjoy!

rain, hands, and city image
Rainy days, especially when you're all bundled up inside watching the rain rip on your window.
quotes, change, and book image
A really good book, one that you'll remember for a long time.
coldplay, yellow, and 🎶 image
Yellow" by Coldplay.
food image
Cookies that are crunch on the outside and soft on the inside.
car, ride, and Sunny image blue, blurry, and cool image
Long car rides.
fly, landscape, and plane image
The sunset.
lisbon, photography, and sunrise image
The sunrise
beach, nature, and clouds image
Ocean waves that tickle your feet.
Image removed
Soft beach sand where its closer to the water but not really touched by the water. (if that makes sense)
art, city, and fun image
Street musicians.
blonde, girl, and shop image
Really good music at a store. (this one was hard to find a photo to so this one will have to do)
"More than Words" by Extreme. (yes this is the SKAM cover by Noora i love it so much, but also love the original)
aries, astrology, and gemini image
Reading Horoscopes, even if you don't necessarily believe in them.
Temporarily removed
Deep, long talks with your friends till the morning.
food, fruit, and healthy image
When you actually have time for a good breakfast.
food image
Comforting home cooked dishes.
blue, school, and study image
Nice stationary
princess, Queen, and justinbieber image
Online shopping and adding everything onto your cart but not really buying any of them (is that just me, i find it therapeutic lol).
Temporarily removed
Oreos in milk.
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Soft, a little oversized sweaters.
girl, hair, and beauty image
A good hair day.
beige, blogger, and clothes image
Actually buying new clothes.
paris, coffee, and france image
A warm cup of good tea/coffee.
quote, season, and series image
When your favourite TV show releases a new season/episode (Sherlock fans aren't that lucky sometimes, but it's a good thing we're 'patient').
quotes, wild, and peaceful image
Poems that make you re-think everything.
beauty, clothes, and fashion image black, body, and curvy image
Wearing an outfit that you feel 100% confident in.
study, school, and inspiration image
Getting a good grade on a test that you didn't really study for. (hard to find a pic of but you know the feeling)
Abusive image
Getting a good grade on a test that you did work really hard for (it goes both ways what can I say, and also this was hard to find a photo for so here's this important quote).
motivation and study image
Organized work space.
bedroom, home, and room image
A clean room.
beauty, girly, and lush image
Lush Face masks.
classic, fleetwood mac, and music image
"landslide" by Fleetwood Mac (okay I know some of y'all might come at me saying this is a kinda sad song, but honestly this song makes me personally calm down with how soothing it is and the lyrics help me reflect about life ok so ya).
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup, beauty, and bronze image makeup, Brushes, and beauty image
New makeup!!
b&w, tattos, and liam payne image Image removed styles, 1d, and harry image Harry Styles, one direction, and unicorn image
Harry Styles (he's a ball of sunshine don't @ me on this one)
kanye west, quote, and dress image
Good, time-worthy twitter threads. (okay this one like i can't find a good photo but like hmu if you want some links to my fave ones lmao)
Image removed
Fluffy towels straight from the dryer. (closest pic i could find sorry).
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Fresh sheets/duvet.
halsey, twenty one pilots, and aesthetic image
When your favourite artist releases new content. (ok so can't find the 'perfect' picture so this will have to do!!)
travel, venice, and italy image girl, train, and travel image
Having the chance to travel, even if its nearby where you already live.
adorable, hope, and illustration image
Rubber duckies (and nice baths).
lavender image
Lavender essential oil.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Fancy chocolate.
black and white, couple, and hug image
Hugs from loved ones.
food, chocolate, and cereal image
A bowl of cereal (like good cereal none of that plain cornflakes, unless you for some reason enjoy plain cornflakes).
palm trees, photography, and sign image
Having a little time in your day to do something you really love like; drawing, singing, reading, sketch booking, skateboarding or whatever it is. (again i know the pic isn't perfect but let ya girl live).
broadway, new york, and city image
Broadway shows.
Temporarily removed
Concerts with your friends (or alone thats okay too).
girl, photography, and coffee image
Small, cute cafés.
beautiful, beauty, and bed image
Spring cleaning. (okay so obviously the photo for this is not going to be perfect sorry y'all)
bad, happiness, and heart image
Donating to those in need (if you are able to, of course, and if you aren't that is perfectly okay). (again sorry about the photo but a lovely quote).
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A good nights sleep.
quotes, sun, and pink image
Being alive right now. If right now is not going well for you remember that there are better days coming.

Thats my list! Stay fresh people

Ash xx