Music it not so much something that I do. Or merely a hobby, or to serve as a shield to filter annoying and distracting background noise.

It has become a part of me. In the sense of living the songs that are meaningful to me.

Songs have followed my moods, stories and connections throughout my whole life.

I use songs to give life to words I want to say but can't find the right way to.

Songs fill my heart with bittersweet sadness and a smile when I remember a character that meant so much to me on a childhood game.

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Is magical, ethereal, and human. All the same time.
Completely tangible for every single person.

You can reach a perfectly mundane moment and simply have fun with your friends dancing in a dirty street outside a bar while listening to really bad music and dancing and have a memorable moment for the rest of your life.

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You can also change the core of who you are in the matter of seconds by listening to a intricate pattern in a sonata which you hadn't head since your childhood and it reminded you of someone important.

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That is why I love music above all else, because it doesn't exclude anyone. It encourages and gives you strength. It allows you to be within yourself with whatever feeling you may need at the moment.

Music is the safe place we need, also the dangerous place we can dwell if we must. Music can connect you to people and to memories.

Music can be anything you need.

With love,