Humans are not similes
Humans are not the simple tragedies we make them out to be.
Humans are complex messes, and are not the pretty poetry we make them out to be.
Humans ARE monsters. Whirlwinds bottled in fleshy prisons.
Now I know what you're thinking.
"Didn't you just use poetry to describe humans even even though you just said similes suck, and don't describes humans at all?"
Yes. Yes I did.
A simile would imply that humans are LIKE a disorganized filing cabinet
When in reality,
Everyone of their brains ARE dumpster sized, poorly organized filing cabinets.
Humans have fire in their chests,
and in order to extinguish the pain,
They use their flame to burn down everyone in their way.
They communicate through written messages on glowing screens.
They puncture their earlobes to make themselves feel pretty.
Humans are books, carefully written,
But forgotten about after the audience is finished reading.
They write poetry in blood and speak in words lined with thorns.
Humans are the animals that learned to talk, but lost their voice.
Humans are the disease that sucked Earth dry of all her nutrients.
But fear not.
Humans are capable of gentler actions.
Even though the fire in their chest melted the ice caps,
It kept their loved ones warm and I guess that’s kind of important to them.
Even though they are poorly organized office desks,
And destroy everything they touch,
They are trying their best to tidy up after themselves.
Even though they write their poetry in blood,
And scream it out in agony,
The poems they write are beautiful.