I am Inspired By......
Inspiration went from overuse to underuse and back to overuse again. It is easy to blame words such as “nice, “basically” and “so” for being the death of the English language and yet the word inspiration which can only be defined with the use of its root word “inspire” is used every day in the hopes that we too can suddenly have a breakthrough idea to cure cancer or end world hunger.
In most interviews that are asked to noble winners and great artists the key question is “where and what do you draw your inspiration from? We ask the question in the hopes that we can use the answers as a template or a “How to get inspired for dummies” as if there is a set equation for inspiration.

People do amazing things every day that in turn inspire others to do amazing things. However what would happen if the norm was broken what if the answer to that question was not expected? For example if recent Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala said she was inspired by Hitler.
Today there is the misconception that only the righteous may inspire the righteous –to-be. I do not believe this. I think inspiration can go either way but also produce a corrective measure beyond imagination. While someone is inspired by a terrorist group to bomb a historical land mark it inspires another to protect the country they love.
There is nothing mundane or basic about inspiration and so it does not deserve a basic answer. I am inspired by everything and nothing. The fact that a man’s wrong doings can inspire someone else to rectify society inspires me. A women’s story of how she wasted her life inspires me to make my mark.

In the words of panic! At the Disco. “Heroes get remembered but Legends never die. ‘Is this not the goal we hope to achieve when we get inspired? We hope that something as wondrous as the cosmos or as sad as the AIDS patients will move us to do something so amazing that we become legends forever living on because of our actions. This inspires me.
Inspiration is in the falling of the leaves and in a child’s laughter. It is the perfect shade of blue that colours the ocean and two notes played at the perfect moment to produce the most beautiful sound ever heard. Inspiration is the world in all its darkness and light. It is in the ambiguity of what I am about to say is the idea of inspiration, inspires me.