Hi fellow hearters,

Like almost everyone on weheartit is this my first article (#excited) and I wanted to write something short but powerfull because it's the first one. Lately, I was sitting on my beloved bed and wondering if I could have a "thing" on weheartit. Some hearters love to share their inspirational quotes or their oh so bad and boujee makeup, and I also wanted something different, a plan where I would stick on to. So I decided, and it was hard to find inspiration, but after a long "week" of thinking and scrolling through weheart it, I decided to make some advice articles that may help a lot of girls throughout their lives while they're growing up. (I also make pics with advice ... check my collection 'MY ADVICE'.) and btw I call all my advice articles T&A (tips and advice) with a number behind it.

I just LUVVV to help people. I'm only 17 years old but that doesn't mean that I don't know how to handle sertain things.

So here I am with my first advice! Some of you may already start going back to school and some of you don't. (I start 1st of September)
I'm gonna give you some lifehacks for back2school:

When it comes to popularity, some girls can change their behavior, looks and just their whole self. But believe me, DON'T BE A PART OF THAT GROUP GIRL. You are BEAUTIFUL and you do you. It's just school! You're there to learn something and to evolve in who you are. It's better to be rejected or respected by who you are than accepted by who you aren't bc that can cause some real trouble.

Some girls love to build some drama and Always have their eyes set on someone. If this is you, don't bother and just don't care about what people think, they're just jealous! As long as YOU know who you are and as long as you know the truth, you can and will handle with those people.

It can be hard sometimes but at least it's true. If you keep organized and focussed, you're grades will evolve to higher levels ;).

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Do you know the feeling when your zipper just brakes? Well, I DO! So when this has happened to you several times, it's time for a new bag, a better one obviously. I recommend a 'Fjallraven Kanken'. I have 2 of them and they're AMAZING! And also a good looking and tumblr-worthy too!

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So guys these were my short but important things for back to school! I hope you feel refilled with motivation and are ready to slay the day!

Just slay your day sweetie! and reminder: you're beautiful!

xxx m.yrt.h.e