Hello I'm White, an anime lover spanish girl ^^

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Talking with my followers like this is a bit strange but i will try

First I want to thank you all for heart my pictures and for following me, and tell a few things about this account

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I feel so happy everytime i see a notification with a new follower or a picture with many hearts

White (myblankdream) is a whi account mainly with anime, but i also have other fantastics collections like:

My best collection is undoubtedly my Anime collection but also check my Fairy tail and Boku no hero academia collection ;)

Every anime season I have the habit of uploading pictures or gifs of a particular anime (this season is Boku no hero academia)

gif, my hero academia, and boku no hero academia image

I love We Heart It so much and my goal is to continue offering all my followers the same work and effort as always

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Froppy wishes you a wonderful day ^^

And one day, let's find an unicorn and eat popcorn with them ^^