Self love is so important.It can change your life. Here are some reasons you should love yourself, down below.

Reason #1:
You'll start believing in yourself more.
Self love will help you realize that you're good enough & it'll give you more confidence. Thus, making you believe in yourself more.

Reason #2:
You won't need an other half.
With self love, you'll complete yourself & the love you have for yourself will be all you need. (But, you can still date people if you want too)

Reason #3:
You'll feel more comfortable in your skin.
Self love will make you realize how beautiful you are. You'll feel good about yourself & you'll disregard society's beauty standards.

Reason #4:
You'll become more independent.
You loving yourself will make you have your own back. You won't have to rely on anyone else.

Reason #5:
You won't care about what others have to say.
Things people say won't phase you anymore. Love yourself to the point that when someone calls you 'ugly' or 'fat' you'll know they're lying.

Reason #6:
Would you talk down to a love one the way you talk down on yourself?
Would you tell someone you love everyday that they're ugly? Would you tell them they aren't good enough? No. So don't tell yourself that.

These are all the reasons I have for ya'll!
Make sure to love yourself unconditionally.
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