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I hadn't notice how beautiful life can be
Cause I was too busy thinking about the problems surrounding me.
There is magic in everything we see
Such a shame not everyone can believe this.

There is beauty on the waves breaking on the shore,
And how the breeze makes you feel like home.
There is magic in the smiles you can't hide,
And in the stars that light up the sky.
Nothing better than driving at midnight, windows down
Nothing prettier than listening to your laugh.
I love swing sets and fireflies,
Love flowers and being barefoot on the grass
Isn't beautiful how rainbows appear on the sky?
And how you can find shapes on the clouds
It's exciting watching fireworks and falling in love
It's exciting singing the lyrics of your favorite songs.
It's amazing going to new places abroad,
And going to your bestie's home.
I love the smell of the rain
And how kisses take pain away.
I love baking cookies and roller coasters,
Birthday wishes and good concerts.
Dancing in the dark,
Summer days and summer nights.
These little things make us feel alive.

I wish I could continue enumerating them
But I would never come to an end.

Life could be beautiful if you understood
You should be happy about all the things that surround you.


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