o' stranger inside my head
please remind what it feels like again
to taste the earth of its fruits and many forms
and to cower to its storms
o' stranger please remind me
what this feeling is inside me
a surging course of deep abiding
my mothers hair
strands and coils of woven wool
my mothers utters fall short on meaning
her whispers like a susurrate
which seems to only belong to the trees
i am undeserving
o' stranger please help me
evoke my tongue
ive spat distaste
ive spat revulsion
i shall meet demise
o' stranger free me of my tongue
i am undeserving to taste the world
o' stranger
my eyes
oh how theyve been brutish
o' stranger free me of my eyes
i am undeserving
ive been wicked
o' stranger
free my head from my body
because i am nobody
leave my body to this earth
leave me to the soil
leave me to the dirt and the grime
leave me to the dead
ive committed such a crime
o' stranger i ask you this
where is my mind
where is my mind
i shall surely meet demise

(written and edited|by me)