I have a new obsession. Thanks to the fantastic invention of online movie streaming which opened up a whole new world for me. I started watching K-dramas on Netflix but there weren't enough movies and TV series in their database to satisfy me. That sent me on a treasure hunt. I found two sites – Drama Fever and Viki - that are accessible to the American audience where you can watch the shows online. No download.

My preference is for Korean historical period dramas. I get so attached to the characters. The women look so elegant and refined in their silk dresses; and their hair is so beautiful, adorned with those pretty hairpins. The men look so noble with those hats and those robes. If it weren't for the fact that the king and crown prince wore special robes, all the guys could like kings. :)

Here is the problem for me that makes it difficult to watch the more modern K-dramas. Once I see these men and women in the traditional clothing of the Chosŏn (or Joseon) Dynasty, it's hard to look at them wearing modern clothes in a 20th century drama or comedy. Not that they aren't just as impressive acting as 20th and 21st century characters. They just don't look the same! You know what I mean? :)

Here's a TIP. Don't ever pick a series that is fairly new and all the episodes have not been uploaded and translated with the English subtitles. I made that mistake once. Never again!

I got hooked on “The Flower in Prison” (2016). I did not realize that it was a new series. Oh the agony of waiting for the next episode to become available. Not only that but there was an additional wait because the lines had to be translated and the English subtitles made available. I made that mistake too! Got to a critical part of the episode and the English subtitles disappeared. WHAT?!! It was not 100% translated. Had to wait a day or two more for the translation to be completed. But it was so worth it!

Lesson learned. Whenever I get ready to watch a Korean drama TV series, I make sure all the episodes are there and fully translated.

I heart Korean historical drama and also any art that I can find related to it (or even not related, as long as fits the Korean history theme). Like I said. I'm obsessed!

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